2003 Riserva

Chianti Classico “Doccio a Matteo” Riserva 2003 is the expression of a very particular growing season. Extreme heat and drought condition have produced in many cases baked wines similar to the ones produced in the southern regions of Italy. Only vineyards with sufficient underground water have allowed particular excellence such as that from the “Doccio a Matteo” vineyard.
The very high natural alcohol level, an all time record, is balanced by a spontaneously high acidity that will guarantee long life to this wine. Aromas are particularly intense and complex. The taste at the beginning expresses all it’s power kept in check by it’s thouroughbred finesse that leaves the mouth with a persistent aftertaste of fruit, tobacco and complex spice. The elegant tannins are ripe and round. Yet again Caparsa can offer its extremers a natural select wine of elegant fruit, true expression of the vintage. Luca Maroni select this wine in “Best Wine of Italy 2007”.


Grapes: 95% Sangiovese + 5% Colorino and Ancelotta
Aged: Barrowls fo 5Hl and 10 Hl for two years and half
Ferments: Wild Yeast

General Informations

Director of Cultivation, General Manager: Paolo Cianferoni
Oenologist (Masterof Wine): Federico Staderini e Paolo Cianferoni
Agronomist: Monica Coletta e Paolo Cianferoni
Total Surface Ha: 66,60,00
Vineyards surface: Ha 11.33.29
Surface of Chianti Classico: 9.79.00
altitude vineyards: m 450
Type of vineyards structures: Archetto Toscano, Guyot, Cordone speronato
productions: Hl 500
Imbottled Doccio a Matteo 2003 Riserva: Hl 50
Cellar capacity Hl: 3.300 (Inox 363, cement 2.680, Oak Vats 90, barrowls 167)
Bottles stock: 40.000 bottiglie
Average length of stay (monthsi): 24-180

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