Wine-making experiences

The work in the wine fields is a year-long work. A long take care of the plants and of the grapes, of the hills, the territory and of the landscape itself.



Grapevine is influenced by weather changes. That's why we have a weather-control machine that send us all the datas on-line. These datas can help us to schedule the sprays, especially beacuse we are organic, so we need to know the exact times..




Pruning in our vineyard is done by hand, not machine, with the only help of scissors. To do it the right way you need a big feeling with the plants. Only with time and experience you get the right mood and skill to pure correctly.



In spring buds start to come out again and the life of the plant comes out.



When the branches gets longer, the grape-friuts starts to born.

But when the branches grow over 10 cm and the weather is not good, starts our fight against fungals and parasites.
In Caparsa we only fight fungals (mildew and powdery-mildew), beacuse growing the plants in a healty environment allows them to be safe from bad insects.
When the flowers are gone, the grape friut grown more and more.



In particular weather conditions fungals can develop on leaves and fruits, like mildew, that damage the production both quantity and in quality.
That's why it's necessary to spry anti-fungals, to protect the vines. In Caparsa we never spry chemicals and synthetical products, but only copper and sulphur.


Working of the soil

While the vines gorw, grass grows too. In Caparsa we use a machine that moves the soil right under the vines, so that it's not necessary to spry herbicide, that's surely cheaper but absolutely poisoning.
We also cut the grass in the fields with an other machine and we encourage a spontaneous grassing.



Fastening and suckering

When the plants grows a lot it's necessary to clean them from the suckers (not necessary) and fasten the plants to the row, so that the grape grows with enough air and that we can work with machines without damaging the plants.
The hand-works in organic agriculture are very important and always more compared to the conventional agriculture.


Bunch of grapes

The grape is still growing.


Grape maturing

Grape is maturing and it's taking colors.




When the grape's ready we pick it by hand: hand-harvest allows us to strictly select the grapes (in the world 80% of grape harvests are done with machines!).


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