After drinking a bottle of Caparsino wine, during the night of a few years ago, I dream up with the idea: an App to geolocate the stores, wine bars, restaurants and hotels but also the importers and distributors of those who bought my Caparsa wines. So who wants to drink a good Caparsino or a Doccio a Matteo or a Rosé or a White or a Red in the restaurant can easily find out where to go. All over the world.

Only after many years did it happen and a long and difficult birth, it had to be presented at Vinitaly 2020, but the Coronavirus has messed up all the plans.

I decided to launch it today for a wish, for a hope that the restaurateurs and wine shops about to reopen in thousand difficulties will combine some small advantages from this idea.

I really believe that in the world of wine this App is the first in the world with these characteristics.

You choose the country, you choose the place and voilĂ  come out the closest places to drink or the wine shop where to buy some Caparsa wines. In addition there is a section with wine lists and another to talk to me and my collaborators .

The Caparsa App is free, it is in English or Italian (which automatically chooses according to the language set on the device) and is downloaded on IOS or Android.

Paolo Cianferoni

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