Caparsa is delighted to announce that the Igt Toscana Mimma wine has received the 'Top Wine' award from the Slow Wine 2023 guide as well as the Chiocciola for Slow Wineries.

The History of Mimma: An important importer of ours from the United States of America asked us a few years ago for a 'Supertuscan'. We then made the 2018 vintage for 1000 litres from a SUPER selection of Sangiovese harvested here in Caparsa and matured in 10 Hl Stockinger barrels. He expressly asked me for a Bordeaux-type bottle size and we found a 600 gram bottle, the label depicting a dog rose bush, rising from the earth towards the sky, made on cotton (not paper). The 2018 was almost entirely purchased by the importer.

With the 2019 we slightly increased the number of litres: 1500 and kept the bottle size, following the request for the unappealable burgundy format. A few 2019 bottles available for the domestic market are therefore there.

I would like to point out that with this award, I have already informed the American importer that a lightweight bottle will be used for the next vintage, thus helping to reduce environmental costs.

Remember that all our other wines use lightweight bottle formats.

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