Rosé Caparsa

The Rosé of Caparsa wine is made with a selection of Sangiovese grapes handly harvested at the end of Septemper in Caparsa vineyards. The particular exposure of the Caparsa vineyards favours a fresh and fruity wine, which is particularly exalted when drunk in summer and with fish, but can also be combined with meat dishes. We produce Nr. 2600 bottles of 0.75 liter capacity, usually.


Grapes: 100% Sangiovese.
Maturation: 4 months in steel barrowls.
Fermentation: spontaneaus, by wild yeast.
Filtering: Yes

General Informations

Sales menager: Federico Cianferoni
Director of Cultivation, General Manager: Paolo Cianferoni
Oenologist: Federico Staderini and Paolo Cianferoni
Agronomist: Paolo Cianferoni and Studio Agostoli
Total Surface Ha: 66,60,00
Vineyards surface: Ha 11.33.29
Surface of Chianti Classico: 9.79.00
altitude vineyards: m 450
Type of vineyards structures: Archetto Toscano, Guyot, Cordone speronato
Rosè productions 2014: Hl 20
Rosè Imbottled: Hl 20
Cellar capacity Hl: 3.300 (Inox 363, cement 2.680, Oak Vats 90, barrowls 167)
Bottles stock: 40.000 bottiglie
Average length of stay (monthsi): 24-48 months and more


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