Mimma 2018

IGT Mimma 2018 wine is produced from a luxurious selection of Sangiovese from Vigne di Caparsa, IGT Toscana Rosso

Mimma is the nickname of Gianna, Paolo Cianferoni's lifelong companion, the artisan winemaker, the mother of his children and the backbone of the Caparsa microcosm, just outside Radda in Chianti.
But there is more: Mimma IS all the women of Caparsa. In fact, it is dedicated to them.
And perhaps it is precisely because of this clear declination of gender enclosed in the intimacy of a tribute that the Sangiovese here, the result of a rabid selection of grapes, takes a particularly sentimental turn.
Everything flows like a desire, triggered by the proverbial acidity of Caparsa and moved by those vital contrasts that literally MAKE Caparsa.
He founds his essence on radiantly bright expressive registers, without shadows or shyness, unleashing an incredible suppleness soaked in juice and salt in a tuned and wonderfully concrete texture.
Mimma '18 is pulled in a limited number of bottles. It is exclusive, like the women to whom it is dedicated.
The label depicts an intertwining of rosehips, from roots to sky, contrasting thorny appearances with the heady scents of life.


Grapes: 100% Sangiovese
Maturation: 10 Hl barrels.
Fermentation: Spontaneous, with native yeasts.
Filtration: Roughing
Alcohol content: 13,50%.
Dry extract: g/l N.D.
Total Acidity: g/l 5.25
S02Lib: mg/l 22
Bottled X 0,75 liters = 1333 bottles Bordeoux size


Director and Sales Manager: Federico Cianferoni
Enologist (master taster): Federico Staderini, Giovanni Stella and Paolo Cianferoni
Agronomist: Paolo Cianferoni and Studio Agostoli
Extension Ha: 66.60
Extension of vineyards Ha 10.90.54
Area registered as Chianti Classico: 10.80.48
Average altitude of vineyards: m 450
Training system: Archetto Toscano, Guyot, Cordone speronato
Total production: Hl 500
Wine cellar capacity Hl: 3.300 (Inox Hl 372, concrete Hl 2.680, wooden barrels Hl 178)
Storage capacity: 40.000 bottles
Average aging in bottle (months): 24-36

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